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The Snake Eater

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Bateleur Eagle (Terathopius ecaudatus)

The Bateleur is the most famous of the snake eating eagles and ever since I became aware of this eagle, I’ve admired it. First, it’s an artist delight, a fearsome looking bird, that has exceptionally long wings and a short tail, so that its feet extend beyond the tail in flight. The Bateleur’s brown eyes are surrounded by facial skin that is a strikingly bright red, and devoid of feathers. As if to give a sense of artistic balance, the legs are the same brilliant red as the face. The upper wing-coverts are brown, while the secondary flight feathers are mainly grey, a montage of colors that make this bird a perfect subject for a wild life art piece. Interestingly enough, Bateleur is French for “tightrope-walker, a name was probably chosen because of it’s distinctive aerial acrobatics. Especially the nuptial aerial display, which is spectacular, with steep dives by the male at the female. She will roll on her back, presenting her claws and then roll on over to right herself as he hurtles past. There may be follow-the-leader dipping and rolling flight, and there may be 360 degree lateral ‘barrel’ rolls, which is often accompanied by a very loud slapping of the wings together. This percussion can be heard by humans for some great distance. All of this may be accompanied by very loud crowing calls.