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The Mind is Shoreless and Still

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Image Size - 7x10
Stretched Canvas Size - 7 x 10 x 1
1" stretcher frames are used
Edition 50 signed & numbered | 10 artist's proof's

Paper Size - 12x14
Image Size - 7x10
Edition 75 signed & numbered | 10 artist's proof's

Size - 13x16

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Wood Duck (aix sponsa)

Originally this piece was done as an entry for the 2010 Federal Duck Stamp contest, although it never was entered, because I regrettably mistook the mailing deadline for a later date. As with all “Federal Duck Stamp entries, they are restricted to a given size (7’ x 10”) and you’re allowed to select from 5 species that are selected for that year. I, as with most of the paintings featured on my web site, used 1/8” masonite, prepared with several smooth coats of gesso for my painting surface, some will use flat white paint for this process, I just prefer gesso. Whatever the case, I try to keep the surface as smooth as possible by sanding the dried gesso with a very fine sand, or emery paper so that there will be no interference with the details within the painting.

In variably if you’re looking through a selection of wildlife art pieces, you’ll come across a painting of a wood duck, they’re favored because they’re one of, if not the most, colorful of all waterfowl. Sometimes known as the Carolina Wood Duck their name is derived from the fact that in the wild they nest high in the trunks of trees in natural hollows and abandoned nest holes. When the young are hatched they will climb out of the nest hole and launch themselves, sometimes falling as far as 60’-75’ to reach the ground…Although most wildlife artists concentrate on the male, because he is so brightly colored, I selected this female wood duck and chose to do a close-up for this entry…..I’ve always thought that the female wood duck was among the most demure of waterfowl…they’re small, quiet, dainty and beautifully colored in a subtle and fragile fashion, presenting a myriad of textures, from the very soft feathers of her crown to the sheen on her bill and surfaces of her larger feathers… I enjoyed painting this piece and I know that this bird is one that you’ll find in more than one of my future wildlife art paintings……