On Final Approach

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Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

My graphite sketch, “On Final Approach” depicts a Burrowing Owl in the final preparation for a landing near its burrow, or nest….wings fully spread, legs pulled up, eyes fixed on a landing spot, this little owl won’t make a sound in landing because, like all other owls, it’s a silent flier due to the frayed edges found on its feathers. A relatively common owl, the Burrowing Owl is a small owl generally found in dry, open areas such as grasslands, prairies, savannas, deserts, farmlands, golf courses and other urban areas, throughout the Southwest, they normally nest in deserted burrows that have been dug by other mammals. They hunt throughout the 24-hour day, they are mainly crepuscular, hunting at dusk and dawn, hunting insects in daylight and small mammals at night. Unlike most owls, the male bird is slightly heavier and has a longer wingspan than the females.