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Snow Leopard Head Study

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Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia)

Easily one of the most beautiful large cats of the world, the Snow leopard possesses eyes that are luminescent and pale and its fur luxurious and exotic. They reside in the high, snowy reaches of the Himalayan Mountains and their tracks have often provided the basis for the infamous Yeti, or abominable Snowman. Their tail is one of their major characteristics, being very thick and very long, nearly as long as the leopard’s body. The tail serves to provide balance. The paws are massive (for the snow and grip). This is a stocky, strong, cat. The head is domed for enlarged nasal cavities to aid breathing in the rarified mountain air. The eyes give an almost hypnotic, haunted look… To that end, I tried to capture this haunting gaze in my painting. Their rich, beautifully colored fur is sought after for coats and garments, it displays an array of varying sized spots unique to this cat. Unlike most of their They seem to be unaware of human danger and when tame are gentle being less aggressive than other big cats….I know that one of my future wildlife art endeavors will most assuredly include a larger, more dramatic depiction of this beautiful creature….