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Monarch Of The Masai Mara

Image Size - 13 ¼ x 17 3/8
Stretched Canvas Size - 13 ¼ x 17 3/8 x 1
1" stretcher frames are used
Edition 20 signed & numbered

Paper Size - 17 ¼ x 22 3/8
Image Size - 13 ¼ x 17 3/8
Edition 50 signed & numbered | 10 artist's proof's

Size - 19 x 23 ¼

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African lion (Panthera Leo)

A visitor to the Masai Mara in Africa will most assuredly hear the roaring grunts and coughs of the male African Lion, declaring his presence and dominion over his territory…As the apex predator in Africa, he is the largest of all of the big cats found on that continent and has no equal in size and ferocity with the exception of another male lion. As sub-adult males start to mature they are driven from the pride to roam as individuals or to form small bachelor groups. As they fully mature they will attempt to obtain, or gain their own pride, or group of females… which will ultimately result in a deadly confrontation with a dominant male who has control of a pride. Displaying the full mantle of maturity, his beautiful black tipped mane, the proud male in this painting is also showing another sign of dominance, the scars and marks associated with the battles and skirmishes of an alpha male…