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San Juan Mountains Moment

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Elk (Cervus canadensis)

After crossing the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, the trail edges up to the rim of the gorge, then continues its slow ascent into the lower elevations of the San Juan Mountains. Its path meanders through open meadows and grazing pastures that were once considered as home for the live stock at Ryan’s Ranch. That was long ago and it’s been a number of years since the farm ceased farming operations. In today’s world, the Bureau of Land Management uses the old farm house as a base of operation for some of its Rangers that patrol the area.

Although Ryan Ranch’s livestock might be considered things of the past,… to the deer, elk and Big Horned Sheep, nothing has changed, the ranch’s open meadows are still a place to come and feed…So, without fail, when the snow has thawed and the grass is up, numbers of them can be found peacefully grazing in the early in the morning sun, then as the morning sun rises they’ll move up into the protection of the groves of aspens and conifers that cover the higher elevations….
The venue most assuredly has all of the requisite ingredients to inspire even the most uninspired soul…distant mountains, sandstone towers, house-sized boulders, pastures blending into the mountain tree lines….and some of nature’s most awe inspiring animals….As such, it certainly was enough to inspire and continues to inspire, this western wildlife artist.