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An Unexpected Spot

Size - 9x13

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Appaloosa Foal

Whether in the wild, or in a more domesticated setting, young animals are similar in their actions and reactions. For the most part they are either taught, or instinctively, know what to fear and flee…the rest they learn through experience… In “An Unexpected Spot”, a young Appaloosa foal has its very first encounter with a Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly which has lit on its rump. As with most young animals, curiosity is very much a part of the learning process and here the foal is curiously and cautiously eyeing this new acquaintance…which is undoubtedly eyeing the foal back.

This piece is somewhat different from my normal, wildlife art piece, in this instance the painting was accomplished on more heavily textured surface created through a build-up of gesso on board.