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“tsv-s-di gu-he-yu” (Little Mischief)

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Size - 12 3/4 X 23 1/2

Canvas Giclee - Edition of 50, Mounted on 1/4" MDF Board
Size - 12 3/4 X 23 1/2

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This young Cherokee girl has that look in her eyes, she’s impish and full of the devil. With the appearance of being half “Tom Boy” and half “Indian Princess” she’s been given the Cherokee name “tsv-s-di gu-he-yu” which in their language means “Little Mischief”. Opposed to the other young girls in the tribe, she’s a little too carefree to have her hair pulled back into two long braids, she has it more in keeping with her older brother playing more with he and the other young Indian braves. The top of her outfit is comprised tanned buffalo hide that’s been adorned with an abundance of beadwork and row upon row of elks teeth and interestingly enough when attaining the teeth, the Indians only use two teeth per elk…so her top is the end result of quite a few elk kills. The rest of her dress is made of buckskin that was tanned then pounded so it was supple and softer than normal hides. She has shell earrings and beaded tethers tying off her small braids. The lower portion of her dress is adorned with beaded patterns that are synonymous with her tribe, to the extent that each tribe can be identified by their bead patterns from a distance.