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The Aggressor

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Size - 14 X 24

Canvas Giclee - Edition of 50, Signed & Numbered (Mounted on 1/4" MDF Board)
Size - 14 X 24

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Mustang/Cayuse (American Wild Horse)

Wild horse stallions can be unpredictable and highly aggressive in protecting their harem of mares. Always vigilant, a stallion is seldom far from his mares and more than not is usually found on a hill, mesa, or some higher elevation where he can readily survey his group as well as detect the approach of any potential interlopers. Younger males, may, or may not be tolerated, dependent upon whether any of the stallion’s mares have come into season. If that’s the case then any and all males are confronted and hopefully run off, if not, vicious battles will ensue for the right to breed. In my painting, “The Aggressor” this scruffy stallion is pugnaciously approaching another male, head lowered, ears flattened, nostril flared, showing the whites of his eyes all signals to the intruder that things are about to get ugly and he’d best think over his amorous intentions….if these ominous displays fail, then all hell will break loose and the combatants will viciously bite, violently kick and slam into each other until one is either, defeated, run off, or in some instances killed.