That’s My Feeder!!

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Rufous Hummingbird (selasphorus rufus)

Almost anyone who has ever hung out a hummingbird feeder has found that in lieu of the myriads of different species of hummers they expected to be feeding there, that one, or a pair of, pugnacious little Rufous Hummingbirds had staked claim to the feeder and were driving all others away. After they’ve claimed a feeder they’ll roost a short distance away, always alert, they will usually catch any approaching intruder before they can get anywhere near the nectar and drive them quickly in the other direction. Although there are those infrequent times when others will actually get to the feeder, as is the case with in my painting of a female Rufous, she’s hovering near “her” feeder directing her animosity towards the other bird. Angrily buzzing back and forth, she flashes her tail feathers much like a blinking strobe light, showing a colorful array of burnt orange, black and white tipped feathers…she will continue to excitedly flash this pattern at the intruder letting it know in no uncertain terms that this is again, “her feeder”. Then if this signaling doesn’t dispatch the interloper, she and perhaps her mate, will dive bomb it until it is driven away. This aggressive, possessive activity isn’t just displayed towards other hummers, for there have been times when I’ve come outside near a hanging feeder only to have the Rufous fly right up into my face, just inches from my nose as much as to say “What do you think you’re doing??” They seeming have no fear.