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“Old Dick”

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Size - 15 3/8 X 19 7/8

Canvas Giclee - Edition of 50, Mounted on 1/4" MDF Board
Size - 15 3/8 X 19 7/8

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“Old Dick”, an outfitters pack mule that I happened across when hiking high on Independence Trail near Lake City, Colorado. It was at the very beginning of bow hunting season and the outfitters were moving provisions up to their
campsite(s) in preparation for that years hunt. This particular outfitter had four mules and three horses. The pack mules are either outfitted with the type of rack that had been placed on “Dick” (who in this case even had his name printed on the rack horn) or they carry over-sized canvas saddle bags that drape down either flank. The hands were setting up camp adjacent to a stream while their mules, after being unloaded, were quietly standing untethered, on a low stony area, near the stream. Old Dick immediately caught my eye, standing in the sun with his white coat showing brightly against a faded plaid rack cushion and an old, frayed Indian Blanket that protected his hind quarters. The elaborate set of straps that kept his load from toppling off of his back was still tightly cinched around his belly… apparently he didn’t mind for he was just standing their basking in the sun, intuitively he must have known that his work was done for the day.