No more come the Buffalo

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Size - 16 X 28

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The Blackfoot Indians were nomadic Bison hunters that roamed much of the northwestern plains of Canada and the United States. They were among the first of the Indians to adopt the use of firearms and horses of European traders that allowed them to harvest Bison at a much greater rate and distance. Among the fiercest of all the tribes found in North America they were feared by friend and foe alike and they didn’t hesitate to use their guns and horses to deny neighboring tribes such as the Flatheads access to the plains and the herds of Bison. Ultimately their fortunes changed, as gratuitous hunting of Buffalo by the white man depleted the herds and ultimately the placement of the Blackfeet onto reservations forced them to adopt a lifestyle of farming and ranching. The Blackfoot Chief I’ve characterized in my painting “No more come the Buffalo” his eyes echoing his life and stature of the past, is regaled in his beads, ermine tails and red roach headdress…the buffalo drawings that appear behind him are renditions of authentic Blackfoot “Ledger Art” (art drawn by the Blackfoot on ledger pads provided by the Indian agents on the reservation) from 1890-1900. Another haunting reminder refelecting a time of plenty centered around the great bison herds.