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Moccasin Magic

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Size - 9 X 12

Canvas Giclee - Edition of 50, Signed & Numbered (Mounted on 1/4" MDF Board)
Size - 9 X 12

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Moccasin Magic – Kiowa

Emanating from the era of the Indian nations that for generations covered the Americas, came a single iconic item that represented their culture, artistry and visual representations that was indicative of various tribes… the beaded moccasin. The moccasin was ever evolving, from an item that might just cover the foot, to those which rose to just below the knee, form followed function….then came style. Beads, seeds and porcupine quills were the general elements of adornment, from simple patterns to those that were strikingly beautiful. When it came to design, patterns, color and the usage of unique elements not many were any more creative than the Kiowa. Where for the most part normal Indian beaded patterns and designs were fixed more to a primary color scheme, with the addition of whites and blacks, the Kiowa used beads with a myriad of hues, Lavenders, pinks, turquoises along with inserts of various dyed skins that produced spectacular results….My painting, Moccasin Magic reflects a pair of Kiowa moccasins showing a beautiful example of their artistry.