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The Baby Rufous and the Columbine

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Size - 7 3/4 X 14 1/2

Canvas Giclee - Mounted on 1/4" MDF Board
Size - 7 3/4 X 14 1/2

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Rufous Hummingbird (selasphorus rufus)Yellow Columbine (Ranunculaceae Aquilegia hinckleyana)

The Baby Rufous Hummingbird I’ve painted has just lit after a very short, first flight, from its nest coming to rest by landing among a patch of one of the most attractive wild flowers in nature, The Columbine. This tiny, minute bird which is almost dwarfed by the blossoms wont grow appreciably in size as it matures although it’s color will become much more enhanced and vivid. If it’s a male, as an adult, he will display a bright orange/russet feathers, offset by a rich glowing red-orange gorget that will flash like a neon sign when hit at certain angles in sunlight. In the world of Hummingbirds, the Rufous are readily known among those folks who hang nectar feeders to attract any hummingbirds in the area, because if a Rusfous happens upon the feeder it will claim it as it’s own driving away any other hummers who come to feed.