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Barn Owl (tyto alba)

This medium sized owl with long rounded wings, long slim legs, a heart shaped face, no ear tufts and ghostly pale coloration, is a silent flying predator whose activities are almost always nocturnal. Nesting in quiet cavities in trees, barns, silos and other man made structures, this very common owl is found on most continents. Its calls are less common though, wherein it will hiss like an angry cat or emit a loud rasping scream, depending upon the situation. During the evening hours these birds, who can move silently through the air due to the frayed edges of their primary flight feathers, can generally be found near open fields, marsh lands and meadows, flying low, manuvering with their long, loping flight patterns in their search of field mice, small rabbits and other varmits. Also known by several other names such as the “Monkey faced Owl, Church Owl, Ghost Owl, Death Owl, etc., etc.” it’s biological name “tyto alba” actually means White Owl.