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Canopy Gaze

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Size - 8 X 10

Canvas Giclee - Edition of 50, Mounted on 1/4" MDF Board
Size - 8 X 10

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Canopy Gaze – leopardus pardalis

Stealthily lurking through the tropical plants that cover the jungle floor, this Ocelot has stopped abruptly, it’s gaze is transfixed skyward, towards the lush canopy of the rainforest. Perhaps it was a bird call, or the darting movement of a small mammal or monkey that caught its attention. Then again, the Ocelot also might have been alerted by some predator higher than itself in the food chain like a large Eagle or the nearby coughing of a Jaguar. Adept as a predator and somewhat adaptable to change, it’s unfortunate that these beautifully marked jungle cats are becoming increasingly more scarce as their habitat is inexorably cleared away through de-forestation of the rainforests it calls home.