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Assassin in Waiting

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Original Painting Size - 6 1/4" X 13"

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Northern Goshawk( (Accipiter gentilis)

This immature goshawk cries out in defiance….when grown it will be a medium, to large, bird of prey, fierce in appearance, as well as being an aggressive, skillful hunter. The Northern Goshawk is the largest member of the genus Accipiter, a raptor with short, broad wings and a long tail, both adaptations to allow maneuvering at full flight through trees in the forests it lives and nests in. Adults are slate blue-grey above and barred grey or white below and always have a white eye stripe. Juveniles (such as the one in the painting) have pale-yellow eyes, only developing their dark , ruby red eyes after their second year. …Even though the Goshawk has a long list of prey from small birds to larger animals such as the raccoon, is also considered a very secretive raptor, and is rarely observed even in areas where nesting sites are common. Those who have the opportunity to view a Goshawk in the wild should savor the occasion…they are far and few in between……