Cheyenne Chic

Size - 14 X 22 1/4

Canvas Giclee - Edition of 50, Mounted on 1/4" MDF Board
Size - 14 X 22 1/4

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When gathering reference for my painting “Cheyenne Chic” the distinctive Native American I had chosen to paint was identified as both a Crow, or a Cheyenne, ultimately I choose to go with Cheyenne strictly for the sake of my title. As depicted, he has a slight case of Strabismus and it’s obvious he’s forsaken his traditional native dress for that of his overseers, both civilian and military, by wearing a derby hat, a heavy felt Cavalry coat, numerous medals and then showing a more sensitive side, he also has displayed several glittery women’s hat pins to round out his ensemble….very Chic indeed. The dates on his medals would place him somewhere early in the 20th Century with the latest being his commemorative medal from the opening of the Shoshone Indian Reservation in 1906 to the earliest a British Territorial Efficiency Medal from 1886 which was probably obtained by either himself, or possibly another tribesman who had performed in England with one of the wild west shows which toured England and Europe during that period.